Saturday, January 31, 2015

Kiwanis AleFest is a collection of BC and the Yukon's finest breweries, fused with our community's finest restaurants, all under one roof.ᅠ As Prince George's first annual craft beer tasting festival, this unique event is a chance for you to discover high quality, specialty and premium beers on Saturday, January 31, 2015 at the Two Rivers Gallery. Volunteer run, the event is hosted by Kiwanis Prince George as a winter social and community fundraiser in beautiful Northern British Columbia.

A big thanks to the following sponsors for coming on board to support our event:

A shout out to the following non-profit groups for their assistance in making our event possible:

• Kiwanis Tulare

• Kiwanis Janesville

• Kiwanis Thousand Oaks

• Prince George Regional Art

   Gallery Association

• Prince George Folkfest Society

• Theatre Northwest Society

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General admission tickets to both the afternoon and evening sessions are available in advance through this website only - no tickets will be available at the door. Event tickets are $55 (if purchased prior January 4) or $65 (if purchased January 5 to 30) and include a 4 oz souvenir tasting glass, 6 tasting tokens, tasty tapas from local restaurants, live music and an art exhibit. Additional tasting tokens will be available on-site for $2 each.

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As part of the milestone year in 2015 - Kiwanis' 100th AnniversaryPrince George's 100th AnniversaryUniversity of Northern British Columbia's 25th Anniversary and Prince George hosting the Canada Winter Games - Kiwanis Prince George is hosting the first annual craft beer festival in beautiful Northern British Columbia.

Please click on the headings below to learn more.

  •  ▼  ALEFEST

    Proudly held at the end of January to embrace winter, Kiwanis AleFest joins the community’s social calendar to offer attendees the unique opportunity to taste and discover a variety of high quality, specialty and premium beers made by BC and Yukon independent brewers. The region is a fantastic craft beer market, with a mix of urban sophistication, rugged determination, spectacular wilderness and a thirst for products that support quality of life. Prince George is the hub of the north, offering all the amenities and benefits of a thriving city as the province's northern capital. It will host the nation two weeks after the event.

    With similarities to a wine tasting festival, Kiwanis AleFest will feature a selection of two separate tastings sessions, tapas food from our community's finest restaurants, a souvenir tasting glass, craft beer learning sessions and live music and an art exhibit. The event is modeled after similar craft beer tasting events throughout BC, and by peer Kiwanis club events such as Kiwanis Tulare's BrewfestKiwanis Thousand Oaks' Brew Fest and Kiwanis Janesville's Fall Fest of Ale.


    Volunteer run, the event is organized by Kiwanis Prince George as an affordable and responsible annual alcohol tasting event that is unique to the north. The event has three goals:

        1.  Raise funds for Kiwanis projects and children charities

        2.  Increase community pride through a fun signature social event

        3.  Promote business of participating breweries, restaurants, sponsors and increase tourism

    Our hope is that over time it grows and becomes viewed as a must-attend winter social event in the north that contributes positively to the community spirit and perception of Prince George as a winter city.

    It is also intended to expose the artisan quality and flavors of; smaller batch craft brewing, delectable tapas creations from local chefs, stimulating live music and visual arts from local artists.

  •  ▼  KIWANIS

    Kiwanis (meaning “we trade” or “we share our talents”) is a community service organization with a long history since its founding by business professionals in Prince George in 1954. Kiwanis Prince George is part of a global organization of volunteers dedicated to changing the world one child and one community at a time.

    Over the years, Kiwanis has held a number of fundraisers to benefit charities and legacy projects such as golf tournaments, bingos and community dinners. We've also built the Kiwanis Bandshell in Fort George Park, Kiwanis Picnic Area in Cottonwood Island Park and the Kiwanis Resource Centre. The local club is going through a youth-oriented rejuvenation hosting new social events and annual fundraisers such as our Kiwanis at Canada Day in the Park and Kiwanis AleFest craft beer tasting festival. Kiwanis Prince George is part of Kiwanis International founded in 1915 by business professionals and now represents nearly 600,000 members worldwide. Kiwanis is one of the "big three" global community service organizations, the others being Rotary and Lions. While all three are service-oriented, each has a different approach, focus and culture. If you're interested in joining, we encourage you to explore each and chose the one that works best for you.

    Kiwanis Prince George has 30+ working and retired business professional members that meet weekly 12-1pm on Wednesdays at the Twisted Cork Restaurant. We're always looking for new members. So if you'd like to come to one of our meetings or periodic events, please email us at kiwanispg (at)gmail[dot]com or message us through our local club Facebook site.

  •  ▼  VENUE

    We're excited to be partnering with Two Rivers Gallery operator, the Prince George Regional Art Gallery Association to host our event. The gallery is one of Prince George’s unique architecture and professional event spaces. It has a great atmosphere that feels both intimate yet open, and familiar yet brand new. Its high ceilings, bright glass windows and beautiful artwork make the space a perfect fit for our fun and classy event.


The micro brewing / craft beer market has exploded over past few years as consumers’ beer palates across North America have become more sophisticated. These smaller hand crafted specialty and premium beers now represent the fastest growing segment within the beer market. A recent article in Business in Vancouver stated that BC's micro brewing had experienced 43% sales growth over one year period which was more robust than any other beer and alcohol category. Although still relatively small compared to big commercial brands, the BC industry has grown from 35 breweries and brew pubs in 2007 to over 70 in 2014. Over the past year alone, Northern BC has seen four craft brewers open in Valemount, Quesnel, Terrace and Prince Rupert. While the debate rages on about which brewers are deserving of the craft beer label, there is no debating local breweries are producing amazing varieties of quality beer with different tastes, aroma and appearance to suit any palate.

Barkerville Brewing

Location: Quesnel, BC

Brewmaster: Troy Rudolph

Cannery Brewing

Location: Penticton, BC

Brewmaster: Ross Thompson

Granville Island Brewing

Location: Vancouver, BC

Brewmaster: Vern Lambourne

Pacific Western Brewery

Location: Prince George, BC

Brewmaster: Henrik Orlik

Scandal Brewing

Location: Prince George, BC

Brewmaster: Henrik Orlik

Sherwood Mountain Brewing

Location: Terrace, BC

Brewmaster: Darryl Tucker

Stanley Park Brewing

Location: Delta, BC

Brewmaster: Todd Fowler

Three Ranges Brewing

Location: Valemount, BC

Brewmaster: Michael Lewis

Wheelhouse Brewing

Location: Prince Rupert, BC

Brewmaster: Craig Outhet

Yukon Brewing

Location: Whitehorse, YT

Brewmasters: Bob Baxter &

Alan Hansen

Food, Music & Art

Kiwanis AleFest is first and foremost a showcase and celebration of craft beer. However, the event will feature an inspired selection of complementary food, music and art to delight the senses, and heighten the beer tasting experience for attendees.

Please click on the headings below to learn more.

  •  ▼  FOOD

    We're thrilled to be partnering with local restaurants that feature specialty and premium craft beers on their menus. These restaurants will be under one roof and will feature tapas (Spanish style appetizers) that are infused, inspired or paired with selected beers showcased at the event. Attendees will get to experience an amazing variety of delicious tapas that complement exploring the diverse array of flavors found in beers, and the joys of pairing those flavors with great food.

    The Copper Pig

    Proprietor: Tyler Burbee

    Nancy O's

    Proprietors: Garrett Fedorkiw & Eoin Foley

  •  ▼  MUSIC

    Great social events are powered by great music. We're therefore so pleased that Prince George Folkfest Society are assisting us to power the live music at the event. Their annual Coldsnap winter music festival in Prince George is one of Canada's premier winter music events and a cultural highlight of BC. Except for 2015 (due to the Canada Winter Games), in the coming years our events will occur at the same time and will offer guests a fantastic winter weekend entertainment opportunity. Please check back here prior to the event to find out more about the local musicians the will be featured.

  •  ▼  ART

    The great part of holding a beer festival at an art gallery is that it gives guests the unique opportunity to experience a visual art exhibition in a unique and diverse way. Guests will be the opportunity to explore the exhibitions featured in the Rustad Galleria, as well as the main Canfor Galleries. Please check back here prior to the event to find out more about the visual artists and pieces that will be on display.


In addition to printed format, the event program will also be available in electronic format here in this section of the website. This electronic program, and the complete website is accessible via smartphone internet browsers. The program will provide tasting notes about each of the beers to guide guests in their tasting selections and experience. It will also provide tasting notes about the delicious tapas eats, links to the online voting for "Best of AleFest", and details about the beer learning sessions, live music and art on display in the gallery. Please bring your smartphone to the event and check back here to access the electronic program and to vote.


The Kiwanis AleFest could not occur without its volunteer support - thank you!

This is going to be a fun event to volunteer for as it raises funds for Kiwanis projects and children charities, and increases community pride through a fun signature social event. You will help a good cause, and volunteer with members of the community, and members of Kiwanis Prince George the local small volunteer community service organization that is hosting the event.  We're looking for volunteers or groups who can contribute their time to cover specific shifts we've developed for covering the pre-event set-up, two tasting sessions, and post-event take down.


Need to get in touch with a Kiwanis AleFest organizer, give feedback or find out how to get involved?

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